Quality Assessments

Review of the State of Bristol’s Parks 2017

Steve Clampin, one of the newly appointed Parks Development officers is leading a review into the Parks & Green Spaces Strategy (P&GSS). Part of this is a review of the current state of Bristol’s parks and green spaces.

Parks Forum members are invited to work with Bristol Parks to carry out Site Quality Assessments of our parks and green spaces to inform the review of the State of Bristol’s Parks in 2017.

This will be used to review the Bristol Parks and Green Spaces Strategy targets and capital requirements in terms of quality, quantity and access. The assessments will need to be carried out by the end of February 2017.

There will be a 2hr training session on Saturday 11th February for anyone who wants help out.

Please email steve.clampin@bristol.gov.uk for more details if you are interested in taking part.

As well as feeding into the current review, these assessments will help establish a baseline against which the quality of our parks can be compared in the future. BPF members who have had the training will be able to carry out further surveys in the future to see how things have changed.

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Quality Assessments
Quality Assessment Manual

Notes & Scoring Sheets:
Natural Green Space – ExcelNatural Green Space – pdf
Formal Green Space – ExcelFormal Green Space – pdf
Informal Green Space – ExcelInformal Green Space – pdf
Childrens Play Space – ExcelChildrens Play Space – pdf
Active Sports Seasonal – ExcelActive Sports Seasonal – pdf
Active Sports Fixed – ExcelActive Sports Fixed – pdf