Events in Parks

Bristol Parks Forum works with Bristol Parks and the Events team to try and simplify the system for licensing events in parks and green spaces while ensuring that events can be held safely and without excessive impact on other park users. We are keen to see more community events held in Bristol’s parks and we believe that events that are aimed at promoting the park or the park group should be lisensed by the Council without charge.

It is right that commercial events that use part of a park should pay charges for the ‘hire’ of the park. There also needs to be systems in place to ensure that all events are organised properly for the safety of those attending and other park users as well as making sure that the park is not damaged.

Rules for event licensing

All events in Bristol’s parks where more than 50 people are expected to be on site at the same time need to be licensed through the City Council Events Licensing team (note, this does not include guided walks or volunteer work parties / task days – see below).

For small events with 50 to 200 people on site at one time you need to apply for a Park Permit. The cost is £36 per event (from 1st April 2015). As well as the limit on numbers, there are restrictions on the type of event that can be covered by a park permit, eg events using bouncy castles, marquees, or stage are not covered – you will need a site licence. Update: Park Permit applications do not need a formal risk assessment form to be completed, but you do need to provide a statement about how your event will be organised to show that you have considered possible risks.

For all events with more than 200 people attending or with extensive site set ups you need a Site Licence. This is the landowner’s permission, licences for selling alcohol or for entertainment have to be applied for separately. For details see Licence charges depend on the size of the event, but for small community events the charge is the same as for a Park Permit.

You may be asked for a bond to be held to pay for any damage to the site. Update: Groups that are members of the BPF and some other established community groups will not be asked for a bond for small events and if the event is supported by Bristol Parks the Park Permit fee might be waived.

For all events you need Public Liability Insurance, for Community Groups holding events with less than 200 people this can be provided by Bristol City Council and included in the park permit / site licence fee.

Email to get the forms or for more information.

Volunteer Work Parties / Task Days & Guided Walks:

There is a separate system that allows you to lead guided walks or to lead a group of volunteers carrying out work to improve your park while being covered by Bristol City Council Insurance. In order to do this you need to complete a short training session which will qualify you as a ‘competent person’. Then having agreed the work with your Community Park Officer you need to complete some simple paper work for each event.

You can get more information and download the Health and Safety Pack and Forms from the Bristol City Council website at

Letter to BCC Events Team from BPF Working group 4th March 2011