Parks Funding

The following has information campaigns in 2017/18 & 2022/23 where the Parks Forum has argued against proposed cuts to the Council Parks Service budget resulting from overall cuts to Council budgets from national Government

Council Budget Consultation 2023/24

Cuts of £1.5m to the Parks Service Budget were proposed in the consultation papers published in November 2022. These proposals would have had devastating impact on parks & green spaces in Bristol were withdrawn in January 2023 as a result of the large number of public responses supporting parks and green spaces.

The papers for the Council Cabinet meeting on 24th January 2023 showed that the proposals had been removed.

The Full Council Budget meeting, on Tue 21st February confirmed that the Parks Service budget would remain unchanged.

Thank you to all park groups and everyone who responded to the consultation, it is good to know that we were listened to and that the Cabinet understands the importance of parks & green spaces to the people of Bristol.

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Parks & Green Spaces – Future Funding 2018

Following a consultation that closed in January 2018 a paper on future funding parks was approved at the Cabinet meeting on 1st May 2018. The meeting papers also included the responses to the consultation.

Papers for Cabinet meeting 1st May 2018 (see Agenda item 9)

BPF Statement to Cabinet meeting

Summary of the proposals listed in the consultation

The consultation followed our presentation of a petition to the Full Council meeting on 14th November 2017. There were also over 60 public forum statements in support. We were pleased that Cllr Asher Craig responded to the debate by agreeing to drop the proposals to make parks ‘cost neutral’.