Public Statements

Below are our recent public statements to Council meetings and responses to consultations and planning issues.

All these statements were agreed by the Parks Forum Committee and submitted on behalf of the Bristol Parks Forum

Bristol City Council Elections 2024

Questions from Bristol Parks Forum for local council candidates

BPF Press Release 14th April 2024

Responses to questions for local candidates – as at 26th April 2024

BCC Parks and Green Spaces Strategy

Bristol Parks Forum response to the PGSS 22 Jan 2024 (pdf) >>

BCC Parks & Green Spaces Strategy Consultation >>

Local Plan Review

Bristol Parks Forum Representations, covering letter (pdf) 26 Jan 2024 >>

Bristol Parks Forum Summary of Representations (pdf) 26 Jan 2024 >>

BPF Response to 2019 consultaion on green space policies and designations

BCC Local Plan Review website >>

Recent Statements to Council Meetings

Cabinet – Parks and Green Space Strategy and Investment in Parks – 5th  March 2024

Statement Communities Scrutiny Commission – 14th September 2023

Questions Communities Scrutiny Commission – 14th September 2023

Investing in Parks – Cabinet 4th April 2023

Budget Report – Cabinet 24th January 2023

Council budget proposals – Resources Scrutiny Commission 22nd/23rd November 2022

Ecological Emergency Action Plan – Communities Scrutiny Commission 17th November 2022

Parks and Green Strategy – Communities Scrutiny Commission 3rd October 2022

Recent Responses to Consultations

Budget proposals for 2024- 25 consultation –   20th December 2023

Frome Gateway Framework – 3rd December 2023

Bristol City Centre Development Framework – 3rd October 2023

Large Green Space at St Phillips – 19th July 2023

Managing for Green Space – March 2023

Temple Quarter Development Framework – March 2023

Local Plan Review – January 2023

Budget Proposals – December 2022

Recent Responses to Planning Applications

Pre-planning application on Barrs Street/Debenhams – June 2023

Heating Network – Statement to Development Control Committee – April 2023

Land North of Junction of Gas Lane with Freestone Road – Objection March 2023

Heating Network Development Order – Objection January 2023

Parks Funding

See our Parks Funding Page >>