Refurbished Old Bowling Green on Brandon Hill

Free Yoga, Tai Chi, and Keep Fit Classes.

This year marked the completion of the Friends of Brandon Hill Project to refurbish the Old Bowling Green. The project was Lottery Funded through the Community Spaces Programme.

The space has already been used for out door plays as part of the Bristol Shakespeare Festival and now Friends of Brandon Hill have organised a series of Yoga, Tai Chi and Keep Fit Classes over the summer; details below:


Led by Catherine Walker who teaches hatha yoga. A friendly and energetic teacher, her classes are suitable for beginners and those more familiar with yoga. They consist of easy-to-follow yoga poses, designed to increase strength and flexibility, with simple and advanced options. They will leave you feeling energised and refreshed. Mats will be provided.

Tuesday mornings 7.15am 30th July; 6th, 13th, 20th August
Contact: 07970 849984,, t: @flow_yo

Tai Chi

Led by Ben Milton and the Bristol School of Tai Chi instructor team. Challenging for young and old. Long revered as an exercise to promote health, balance, and calm, Chen Style Tai Chi is challenging enough for both young and old. Initially done slowly, one learns grace and balance through a precise study of one’s own body and its movement within the space surrounding it. Later, movements can be done at any speed following one’s own intent, whether in class or in daily life.

Bring your friends and family along to practise together and enjoy a free lesson.

Sunday, 28th July; 11th, 25th August 13 10am

Saturday, 7th , 21st September 13 10am

Contact: 0117 9493955,,

Keep Fit

Led by personal trainer Vicki Hill. Vicki has crafted individual training schedules for clients throughout Bristol. For Brandon Hill she has developed training programmes for beginner, intermediate and advanced using the many feature of Brandon Hill to increase your fitness. These sessions will be your introduction to these programmes.
Sundays 9:30am and 10am from 4th August
4th August Beginner 9:30am, Intermediate 10am
18th August Beginner 9:30am, Advanced 10am
1st September Beginner 9:30am, Intermediate 10am
15th September Beginner 9:30am, Advanced 10am
29th September Beginner 9:30am, Intermediate 10am