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Supporting documents

This identifies the order that Area Green Space Plans will be delivered and includes the broad stages of the process and how long they take. This document may change.

This is the report that was provided to Cabinet when the Parks and Green Space Stratgey was adopted in Febraury 2008. The report provides context for the Strategy and sets out the funding proposals behind the Strategy in more detail. The report also contains the results of the public consultation that took place on the draft Strategy in Autumn 2007 and the council's response to that consultation.

Provides a brief overview of some of the key considerations in delivering Area Green Space Plans

Manual for assessing quality

This guide seeks to provide clear principles to planners, developers and parks managers in designing existing and new green spaces to improve quality and meet the needs of visitors

  • Parks Wildlife Strategy

    This sets out a 5-year programme for the management and protection of Bristol’s wildlife for the enjoyment of all residents

A report of research carried out on the specific needs of disabled people, women, young people, lesbian, gay and bisexual people, older people and people from Black and other minority ethnic communities for Parks services

A paper which documents how and why the Bristol Green Space Standards were derived

This document is draft and will be updated in August 2008

These papers look at the way that the green infrastructure will adequately serve the needs of both the existing `and future population

The Playing Pitch Strategy PPS was adopted by the council in 2006. In terms of sports provision in the city, the PPS works alongside the Parks and Green Space Strategy in determining the level of provision of different sports spaces, their location and investment in them.

SPD 4 sets out the City Council’s approach to planning obligations when considering planning applications for development in Bristol.

This document provides a short explanation of how S106 developer contributions for green spaces are calculated and allocated by the council.



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