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Maps of types of green space

These maps show the quality of green space in each Neighbourhood Partnership Area compared to the Bristol Quality Standard. The Bristol Quality Standard is 'good'.

Maps - Relating to Quality Standard

To see a map of the quality of green space in the area where you live please look at the 'Bristol Quality map' to see what NPA applies to you, then open the appropriate map.

Maps - Relating to Distance Standard

These maps apply the Bristol Distance Standard to the different types of green space that exist in the city. The maps therefore show 'gaps' in the city where people are currently having to travel a longer distance to reach different types of space than the proposed standard recommends.

Maps - Relating to Quantity Standard

This map shows the amount of green space of all types by Neighbourhood Partnership Area in the city. It shows which areas are currently above the Bristol (Locality) Quantity Standard and which areas are below it.

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