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What land does Bristol City Council own?
What trees are in my park?
What did my park look like in 1946?
Was my park shown on the 1880s Ordnance Survey map?

The mapping system on the Council’s website at maps.bristol.gov.uk can show show you this and lots of other information.

To see Council owned land tick ‘Council property ownership’ in the panel on the left under ‘Housing and property’ and then zoom in on the map. For trees look under ‘Environment’. ‘Parks and green spaces’ and ‘Childrens play areas’ are under ‘Leisure and culture’.

Use the panel top right to look at old maps and aerial views.

Community Action Toolkit
Bristol Parks have produced this very informative document which is available for download from their website via the link below. The toolkit is mainly aimed at new groups but contains information that all groups will find helpful.

Health & Safety Forms
If you or someone in your group has had the necessary training you can use the Bristol Parks Health & Safety Pack. This allows you to carry out certain activities in your park while being covered by Brstol City Council insurance.

Download Bristol Parks Community Action Toolkit and Health & Safety Forms